Psoriasis Symptoms

Those suffering from psoriasis know the pain and discomfort which is related to the problem. It can cause your skin to be red and inflamed and is often accompanied with silver flakes of skin which fall off. Those who have psoriasis of the scalp often mistake the condition for a really bad case of dandruff.

When looking at the symptoms for psoriasis, it is helpful to take a look at the pictures for psoriasis. These can be located online and offer you a look at the different kinds of psoriasis. You can compare what you are seeing on your skin to what is in the pictures.

The majority of people will experience psoriasis in red patches on their upper arms, head, neck and face. The red patches are often itchy and can be dry.  Some patches of irritated skin can even be without the flakes which normally accompany the problem. This is less common and normally only occurs whenever the condition is just getting started.

At the first sign of psoriasis, it is a good idea to meet with your doctor. They will be able to analyze your condition and prescribe medicated ointment which will help you to relieve the pain. These ointments will often include moisturizers which will allow your skin to avoid being dry and irritated.

Causes for psoriasis tend to be hereditary in nature. While certain things like stress can be attributed to the condition worsening, it is not a cause. Avoiding smoking and excessive amounts of sunlight will help in making sure that the condition will not get worse.

There is no cure for psoriasis as it is a virus. The body will eventually overcome the problem and your skin will return to normal. Avoiding scratching your skin by using medicated ointments will help to avoid any rupture of skin cells which will lead to scarring.

Talk with your doctor about herbal alternatives which will allow you to get relief from the pain that you might be feeling. They will be able to offer you remedies which include oatmeal baths in order to get the relief you are seeking.