Be Aware Of Herpes And Psoriasis Symptoms

Herpes is not a cause of psoriasis, but it has been found in conjunction with psoriasis in some patients. Distinguishing between the two will help in making sure that you are getting the help you need.

The first difference that you will notice is that there are no white-silvery flakes in conjunction with herpes. This is characterized by the bumps or pimple looking sores which appear on the skin. Herpes tends to show up either on the lips or around the genitals and causes pain in the form of itching.

There are some cases of herpes in which there is itching, but no sores or bumps. This is a case in which many will mistake what they are experiencing as psoriasis. The patches of skin can be identifies as not being psoriasis because there is no redness or inflammation. The kin merely is irritated.

Most cases of psoriasis are immediately recognizable because of the redness in the skin accompanied by the flakes of dry skin as they fly away from the body. These conditions are accompanied with an irresistible to scratch the inflamed areas. The inflammation is often warm to the touch as well.

If you are experiencing either one of these conditions, it will be easy to recognize which it is by the reaction which occurs in dry conditions. If there is no change in the skin, it is more likely that you have herpes. If the condition worsens, then psoriasis is the more likely culprit.

Those who are experiencing psoriasis should make sure that they are controlling the amount of sunlight that they have. The skin needs to have exposure to sunlight in order to stay healthy. Of course, too much sunlight can cause skin problems as well. Drying the skin out from too much sunlight will cause your skin to get dried and crack if you are dealing with psoriasis.

Many will be able to find relief in taking pain medications which have anti-inflammatory properties because of the way that they allow the skin to return to normal and so that you will feel less pain.